Hey gang, almost at the end!  

Congrats on the success so far and keep the end in sight.  Focus on what you have to do and not what you have already done.  Keep some small short term goals in mind even if it’s a day by day thing to keep you motivated and moving forward.  Write them down, hold one another and yourself accountable to them and it will totally be worth it in the end.  

Regardless of the finish you don’t want to have to say “what if” when all is said and done.  

Best of luck to all of you and stay at it!

Chris Spealler

The ONLY individual competitor to be competing in all SIX of the CrossFit Games

2007 – 4th place
2008 – 10th place
2009 – 26th place
2010 – 3rd place
2011: Athlete Profile
2012: CrossFit Games Athlete: Chris Spealler
CrossFit trainer Lvl 1 & 2
Coaches Certification Trainer