pull upSunday, March 3:  Pull Up Workshop

The Kip Swing is a integral skill that is applied to many movements in CrossFit. With a proper kip swing pull-ups (chin or chest to bar), knees to elbows and toes to bar become nearly effortless (well at least easier!).  No matter what your skill level, everyone can benefit from learning how to kip! Time permitting we’ll even review the bar muscle-up (a great progression to a ring muscle-up).
Skills we will review will include:
  •    Kipping Pull ups
  •    Butterfly Pull ups
  •    Toes to Bar
  •    Knees to Elbow
  •    Bar Muscle ups (time permitting)

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Date: Sunday, March 3
Time: 12pm – 2pm
Cost: $25 (Platinum members 50% off)

Workshops are open to all Members though space is limited. Don’t wait!