We try to keep our member packages simple and straight forward.

483072_528008890559702_837871313_nLet us warn you, don’t try to compare CrossFit membership fees with other gyms. In a CrossFit gym you are paying for coaching/instruction, workout programming, and community.  In a regular gym you are normally paying a flat fee to come in and use their equipment.  We are not like regular gyms. We focus on actually assisting you in achieving the levels of fitness you desire.

The only way to understand what we do is to come visit us, so sign up for a  FREE Intro Class! We offer many days and times to accommodate your busy life.

We start all New Members with the same package:

New Member Package

One-month trial for $125

This package includes:

  • 3 group classes/WODs per week*

  • Free group class/WOD each Saturday at 10am

  • Saturday and Sunday morning make-up WOD**

Following the trial period, we offer 2 Membership packages.  These packages vary depending on how many days per week you want to train and are designed to meet your training goals.  Standard Membership rates vary from $175 to $200.  We have found that athletes realize the best results when training 5 to 6 days per week.

We recommend you take advantage of the New Member Package by training 3 days per week plus the free Saturday WOD.

After your trial period, evaluate your progress and decide how many days per week you want to train with us.

*Classes are capped at 20 and reservations are required.  Classes open 3 days ahead of time.  Availability of specific class times not guaranteed.

**Counts as one of the 3 group classes.  To be used when you are not able to attend 3 classes during the regular weekly schedule.


Drop In Policy:

We do not permit anyone unfamiliar with CrossFit to drop in for a CrossFit workout.  We do welcome drop ins by anyone with CrossFit experience who is visiting the area.  $20 per drop in.