CrossFit Impavidus is a school of ELITE FITNESS located in Ashburn, VA.

We teach basic to advanced level classes in functional exercise, athletic conditioning, plyometrics, kettlebell training, Olympic weightlifting, medicine ball and dumbbell training, power-lifting, gymnastics, rowing, running and jumping rope.

Our students are extremely diverse in their experience, conditioning, and lives; and include students, business executives, stay-at-home moms, athletes, writers, techies, military and first responders. We utilize CrossFit as our primary training method, and focus our students on optimizing physical competence in each of 10 recognized fitness domains (Cardio-respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.) The stimulus provided is always varied and the results are dramatic. The atmosphere is one of support and camaraderie to anyone willing to put in the work.

Unless you are already a CrossFitter, our gym will seem like no other gym (pick a globo-gym franchise) you have ever been to. You won’t find exercise machines (well, only human ones). You won’t be doing dumbbell curls and pec-deck presses, or spending an hour on the elliptical machine. You will be led by a coach through small group classes doing a combination of functional exercises that when paired with good nutrition will produce incredible fitness levels.

Free INTRO Class

Our INTRO session is a complimentary training session during which you’ll get a chance to learn a lot more about our program and actually experience a CrossFit workout for yourself. It is by appointment only and is a prerequisite for taking a class. We use this session to understand your goals and expectations and as a way to evaluate your current fitness level and previous experience. There is a link on the upper right side of the page to schedule the INTRO.

Group Classes

After your INTRO, you can choose one of several membership options that give you access to our group fitness program and classes.

Private Coaching

Also, after the INTRO class and becoming a member, you can choose to work with our coaches in a one-on-one capacity to meet your individual needs and goals.